What makes a great coffee? Part 3

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So far in previous posts we have spoken about the ambiance and the coffee bean itself as being some of the key ingredients into what we believe makes a great coffee.

Before the coffee is put into the expresso machine the coffee bean itself needs to be ground into fine particles. This should be done as close to the time as it will be used in the coffee machine group head so that the coffee is as fresh as possible. For an espresso machine a super fine ground works best. You may be more familiar with your course ground coffee which you use in your home percolater or french press.

Coffee grinder for fine setting

At The Landing we use a burr grinder to consistently grind the coffee beans according to our customers unique taste requirements that compliment our coffee blends.  By grinding down the coffee bean you are essentially crushing it and opening the bean up to release the unique oils and flavours at the right amount.

The finer the grind the more water will reach the surface area of the coffee as it passes through the expresso machine group head, meaning more flavour and yield. Keeping the coffee grinder clean and well maintained in combination of using only the best coffee grinding machine will assist in preparing a great tasting coffee. You could have the best coffee beans, clean water and a great barista but if the grind of the coffee is not consistently just right your coffee making process will fall well below average.

At The Landing coffee shop we look forward to sharing more with you on what makes a great coffee. In our next post we will explain how the Barista really starts to make their money…

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