What makes a great coffee? Part 2

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In our last blog post from The Landing coffee shop in Dunvegan we started the conversation around what goes into making a great coffee. in the first part of our discussion we highlighted that a great ambiance is a great starting point in which to enjoy that perfect “cuppa”.

Without a doubt probably the most important element is the profile of the roasted coffee beans that are ground through the coffee grinder. The bean which is the seed of the coffee plant can on its own have various different characteristics based on factors such as the ground in which it grows, which area or country the bean comes from, the drying process of the beans and also importantly the roasting process and extent thereof.

The Landing coffee beans
The coffee beans that go into the grinder each have a story…

Now you get single origin coffee beans which means that all the beans that go into the grinder have come from one source such as a specific farm in Brazil. Then you get a blend of coffee beans made up of a mix of different single origins and which each follow a specific recipe. The recipe would generally be aligned to the customer profile of the coffee shop or individual customer – to suit their taste.

All good coffee shops will ensure that the grind of coffee is fresh and that the beans of course are too.

We will explore in our next blog post in this series what happens next after the beans have been chosen and how to treat them with love!

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