What makes a great coffee? Part 1

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So this is a question that comes up often in the coffee making community.

What makes a great coffee?

There is no quick or straightforward answer to this, however we will explain from our own experience having owned and run a coffee shop in Europe and here in South Africa what the likely best answer to this question may be…

It takes more than a great coffee bean to make a great coffee.

First of all, putting the actual coffee aside we really do think that the ambiance of the coffee shop you will be drinking the coffee in sets the “theatre” for the coffee. Things such as the design of the coffee shop, the comfortable seat you are sitting in, the noise of the coffee bean grinder in the background, the chatter of people, the smell of freshly ground coffee and maybe some lovely music playing in the background.

Having an enjoyable environment (from our customers feedback) is a great starting point for our discussion on what makes a good coffee.

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