What makes a great coffee? Part 5

This is our final article on what makes a great coffee. If you have missed our various posts on this topic you can start your reading journey here, What makes a great coffee, Part 1…

Ok, so we have covered what goes into the coffee making process and that it is not just the coffee itself but also the environment you are drinking the coffee in that contributes to an amazing coffee drinking experience. 

What would a coffee be without a little treat? A coffee would just not be the same if you were not using the coffee to help wash down that last swallow of a piece of carrot cake or English scone. It might be a biscuit that was served with the coffee or the breakfast or lunch you ordered. Whatever your food fancy may be, a coffee experience is just not the same if not shared with a great tasting treat.

Most good coffee shops will have on their menu a range of freshly prepared cakes of the day, croissants and other pastries to sample.

So lets admit it…

After all of these articles talking about what makes a great coffee, a lot of us absolutely love our coffee, but often the reason for visiting our favourite coffee shop is not for the coffee, it is for that soft, moist, sweet and mouth watering, decadent large slice of that amazing cake of the day!


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