Start saving over 15% on all coffee and hot beverages

Get your Loyalty Card in-store

You’ll be amazed how many free coffees you can earn back in a month with The Landing Loyalty Card.

Here is how it works

Get one stamp for each hot beverage you purchase. So, as an example buy two Cappuccinos and you get two stamps on your card. Once you have collected 6 stamps your 7th hot beverage is on us.  That works out to over an 15% discount (16.6% to be exact) compared to if you had to buy the 6 beverages without using the card and collecting your stamps. Plus, enter your fully stamped and completed cards into our monthly draw box in-store to stand chances to win our monthly prize. The more cards you enter the more chances you have to win – since every card stays in the “hat”/box to each stand a chance to be shaken up and drawn at the end of each month.*

Happy collecting, saving money and hopefully winning!

You will get the card with your bill

BACK OF CARD                                                                                   FRONT OF CARD

The Landing loyalty card. 7th hot beverage is Free!
The Landing Loyalty Card. Get every 7th Hot beverage free. Then enter completed cards into our monthly draw. Lucky 7?

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*Terms and conditions apply. Only one card per customer. Offer valid whilst cards are available in-store and while promotion runs.