Biltong Shop Edenvale

The Landing Village Deli stocks fresh traditionally prepared biltong in Edenvale, Dunvegan. Visit the deli and try the best biltong in the area prepared using the best quality fresh meat and curing process.

Find our Biltong shop in the Village Deli at 15 Linksfield Road, Edenvale – corner of Dunvegan Avenue and Linksfield (Diagonal to Edenvale High School).

About Biltong in the Deli

Biltong today is most commonly made from beef, primarily due to its widespread availability, although prior to the introduction of refrigeration, this curing process was used to preserve all kinds of meat in South Africa. The Landing chosen meat has special recipe spices are rubbed into the meat and then marinated in a vinegar and recipe solution. Biltong is typically dried out in the cold air or climate controlled drying rooms but the flavour depends entirely on the variety of spices used in the preparation.

Biltong shop in the Deli

A traditional slow dry will deliver a medium cure biltong in a few days and a slow dried meat is considered to be tastier.

You can also order biltong ahead of any events you have. Please order a week or so in advance from The Landing deli.

Accompany your biltong with some other items from the deli such as cold meats, cheeses and artisan breads all baked fresh each day.

The Landing biltong shop in Edenvale is conveniently located in Dunvegan at 15 Linksfield Road, Edenvale.

Edenvale biltong is available 7 days a week from the Village Deli opposite the coffee shop/restaurant.

Why is Biltong a loved Delicacy?

Biltong is mostly prepared using beef silverside that is marinated and then air dried to a favourite traditional South African recipe of rock salt, pepper, coarsely ground coriander and vinegar and some other sectret ingredients depending on the taste.

The best Biltong, like ours at The Landing in Edenvale :), has a very distinctive taste following its lengthy and careful preparation procedure and has therefore become a traditional South African delicacy enjoyed by our customers as a snack mostly enjoyed at weekends.

The Dutch Voortrekkers travelling from the Cape inland into South Africa needed a source of food to sustain themselves and realised that the only way to preserve meat was to cure the meat and hang it out to dry.

At The Landing Deli our Biltong is typically sold as long fillets of meat or more commonly as flat pieces cut across the grain of the meat that are in a ready to snack pack. We also slice the pieces of Biltong using a Biltong slicer depending on the clients preference.

If you want to read more about Biltong you can read more on Wikipedia and if you want to buy Biltong visit us at our biltong shop.

Buy biltong near me? Yes you can conveniently find biltong if you are in the Dunvegan and Edenvale area in full pieces or sliced biltong whichever is the best biltong for you.

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